Singer/Songwriter/Guitar player born and raised in Oregon. The music I play is a collection of my favorite tunes from throughout my life. I believe music brings all people together and being a musician is a beautiful way to live. Growing up in the seventies and eighties much of my first musical memories are from folks like Paul Simon, James Taylor, Willie Nelson and Neil Diamond.  I play many golden oldies and different genres with my own unique twists. When a song finds me, I start playing and if audiences enjoy it I keep it in rotation. 

My performances may include renditions of favorites such as:

American Tune -   Paul Simon 
Breath -   Pearl Jam 
Close Your Eyes -   James Taylor 
Dock of the Bay -   Otis Redding 
Folsom Prison Blues -   Johnny Cash 
Forever in Blue Jeans -   Neil Diamond 
Gracefully Facedown -  Devil Makes Three 
House of the Rising Sun -   The Animals 
Imagine -   John Lennon 
I've Got a Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old -   Cat Stevens 
Locomotive Breath -   Jethro Tull 
Long December -  Counting Crows 
Lucky Now -   Ryan Adams 
Mad World -  Tears for Fears 
Operator -  Jim Croce 
Please Come to Boston -   Dave Loggins 
Queen of California -   John Mayer 
Southern Cross -  CSNY 
The Darkness -  Leonard Cohen 
Under the Bridge -  Red Hot Chili Pepper's