Sean Paul sings and plays both acoustic and electric guitars. He goes hard enough to rock roadside bars but gets quiet enough to connect with audiences in more intimate settings. Based in Mill City, Oregon, Sean is inspired by artists including Paul Simon, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Ryan Adams, and John Mayer mixed with his own original songs inspired by this life we all live. His own life has included stints working in semiconductors, real estate, improv, acting, and as a traveling pitchman. These experiences all led him to the musical world he now inhabits, a world which is rapidly expanding for him at an age when many musicians are trying to bow out gracefully.  

Sean played venues across five Western states last year and is excited to take his music on a road show across the US in 2020. His focus is almost entirely on live solo performance and he has the rare ability to get songs across to people of all age groups, a skill that can’t be taught, only attained. He works diligently to serve both the songs and his listeners and this is why people enjoy his shows.  

Music is Sean’s third real career, the one he wanted from the beginning. He knows being a musician isn’t an easy way to make a living but is a beautiful way to live. His influences include Dave Matthews, Anders Osborne, and Charles Bukowski but Sean Paul is a completely authentic performer in his own right. Any event or venue seeking a guy with a guitar who comes off as more than just a guy with a guitar needs to give him serious consideration. 


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