Singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist

Singer/Songwriter/Guitar player born and raised in Oregon. The music I play is a collection of my favorite tunes from throughout my life. I believe music brings all people together and being a musician is a beautiful way to live. Growing up in the seventies and eighties much of my first musical memories are from folks like Paul Simon, James Taylor, Willie Nelson and Neil Diamond. Things didn't stay mellow as I moved through harder music periods with Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Dio until Jethro Tull and the Dave Mathews Band brought that "Jimmi thing" to me. I play many golden oldies and differnent genres with my own acoustic twists. When a song finds me, I start playing and if audiences enjoy it I keep it in rotation.

My performances include acoustic renditions of favorites such as: 

American Tune -   Paul Simon
Breath -   Pearl Jam
Close Your Eyes -   James Taylor
Dock of the Bay -   Otis Redding
Folsom Prison Blues -   Johnny Cash
Forever in Blue Jeans -   Neil Diamond
Gracefully Facedown -  Devil Makes Three
House of the Rising Sun -   The Animals
Imagine -   John Lennon
I've Got a Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old -   Cat Stevens
Locomotive Breath -   Jethro Tull
Long December -  Counting Crows
Lucky Now -   Ryan Adams
Mad World -  Tears for Fears
Operator -  Jim Croce
Please Come to Boston -   Dave Loggins
Queen of California -   John Mayer
Southern Cross -  CSNY
The Darkness -  Leonard Cohen
Under the Bridge -  Red Hot Chili Pepper's
Your Song -  Elton John

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